The Alpha Series

Advanced Data Acquisition Systems

The economical data acquisition front end for process monitoring, Condition monitoring or machine monitoring. Connection by low cost RS 485 networking the Alpha 900 modules supply accurate measurement data for Temperature, Pressure and Strain along with Digital Events and Frequency.

The Alpha 900 series of Distributive Data Acquisition System modules offer 7 different measurement and alarm signal supply options to acquire virtually any remote environmental control or monitoring signal. These are very compact and robust units employ state of the art technology in their design to gaurantee accuracy, performance ans stability together with reliability at pricing offering unparalleled value in Data Acquisition.

Offerig high speed communication, via a choice of protocols, such as Interlution, US Data and other SCADA packages, together with DLL and DDE drivers for seamless integration with Windowsbased software, further produce the cost of ownership by quick, trouble free, integration within the measurement environment


The Alpha 911M now comes in a fully ruggedised case making it ‘intrinsically safe’ with an IP66 rating  for harsh environments.

Alpha 911M
ALPHA 910  - Voltage ( Primarily designed for use with thermocouples ) 20 channels
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ALPHA 911 - Voltage ( AC external with transducer or RMS converter ), current, Resistance
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ALPHA 912  - Strain gauge ¼ bridge ,  PRT and voltage  10 channels
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ALPHA 930 - Digital inputs 20 channels and low freq. counting
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ALPHA 933 - Digital Event Recording  time stamped to 1 mS and 256 buffer
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