Relay Room Temperature Monitor

This simple, analogue ambient temperature measurement module is designed to give a visual display to 0.1oC accuracy of the ambient temperature using a RTD which would be mounted in free air.

Our Relay Room Temperature Monitor can be easily added to an any existing Alpha systems as it can be connected to the same power supply and the same RS485 multi-drop network.


When integrated with a Track Event or ACIC Portable Logger, the Temperature Monitor is given enhanced functionality. The system expands on the comprehensive alarming functionality enabled as standard, by offering SMS alarm alerts. When the ambient temperature crosses an user defined threshold, the system will send out an SMS text message to any specified mobile number. This alarm parameter, as with all systems, can be changed “on the fly”.

When used in conjunction with the ACIC Track Event, ACIC is able to provide a complete solution with regards to the health of the relays and the Relay Room itself. This is vital, as the temperature of the relay room can have a direct effect on the health of the equipment it houses. The Alarms generated will be displayed in the alarms.txt file.

  • Alarming on Temperature Conditions
  • Remote Access Dial-in
  • Full  Integration with The Daq Sudio Range
  • RTD
  • Visual Display
  • Cost Effective