The DAQ Studio's Replay programme

The DAQ Studio's Replay programme is a graphical representation of the data presented by the data logger. This software enables the customer to see, in graphical format, what has happened in the time specified from the logger. It is possible to dial in directly from the Replay programme, specifying the sites, date and time.

Within the Replay programme, which is capable of representing two and three aspect signaling, it is possible to change the speed of the replay and step through (or backwards) through events.

In addition to the replay functions, the software also has an analytical aspect. Through the Analysis window, the user is able to perform such analytical functions as relay counts, trend sequencing and speed calculations

The licensing structure of the Replay programme is based on a per-site basis. This means that as long as there is a license present for the site on which you are wanting to replay, the software itself can sit on as many different client PCs in as many different locations as you wish. This license agreement was put together in a way to be most cost effective and convenient to the client.

In addition to the licensing structure, the Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) makes the Replay an even more attractive solution. The VPA puts the license in bands, according to the number of licenses procured. When the number of licenses exceeds one band, it seamlessly falls over into another, with the price reduction for each subsequent new license and for overall maintenance fees.


Two and three aspect signalling representation


Analytical Features as standard


Dongle free software


Per-site licensing


Variable speed playback


Incorporate dial in and data extraction feature